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Seasoned Firewood Bulk Bag - 1m

Seasoned Firewood Bulk Bag - 1m

£130.00 PER CUBIC METRE (-£5 Deposit)

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Our firewood is currently drying in preparation for the upcoming Autumn and Winter seasons, join the waiting list to know when our order book opens.


Our Bulk Bags are a real customer favourite, the convenience of the bag along with the volume of wood ticks all the boxes.  The firewood is stored and delivered in specifically designed log bags which hold 1 cubic metre of firewood, unlike most similar bulk bags and builders sacks which only hold 0.8 cubic metres.

- Price include £5.00 Deposit for Bag & Pallet (Refundable upon return)

Below 20% moisture content

- 1m3 of Firewood per bag

- Convenient

- Seasoned for 10-12 months

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Firewood Price Increase

As a company we have always aspired to produce and supply the best quality products at affordable prices. The past couple of years have been extremely tough for everyone and whilst times remain difficult we maintain a positive outlook for the longer-term future. Despite this we must band together to deal with short-term issues and challenges.

2022/23 have seen radical changes to the UK Forestry Industry, with overall costs increasing more than 30% on average (Timber supply shortages and the introduction of new environmental laws, combined with rising fuel, labour and haulage costs). Understandably this has put tremendous strain on us as a business, as a result forcing us to increase our prices, to continue operating.

We greatly thank you for your patience and understanding.


Frequently Asked Questions

How are your Bulk Bags delivered?

We transport our bulk bags on the back of a flatbed transit van, with a tail-lift. We then use a pallet truck to unload your delivery from the vehicle and push it onto your driveway or path, into the desired position for you to unload or use.

IMPORTANT: Please note that pallet trucks can only roll on hard surfaces. If you have a gravel driveway, we can still deliver you a bulk bag however where it lands off the back of the tail-lift is as far as it can go.

Can I burn your logs straight away?

Yes, all of the wood we sell is ready to burn. We only sell dry wood, which is ready to use from the day you receive your delivery.

What should I do with my empty Bulk Bag and pallet?

When you have finished with your bulk bag and pallet you have two choices:

- If you can get them in your car, you can return them to us and receive back your £5.00 refundable deposit.

- Alternatively, if you have the storage space, keep your bag and pallet until your next delivery. When you order again, let us know you have a bag and pallet to return and we will discount your next order by £5.00. Leave this out when we come to deliver your next load and we will take it away.

Can I reschedule my delivery if it is raining?

We deliver in all weathers, providing conditions are safe for our drivers to do so.  During wet conditions we have covers to protect the loads from the elements during transport, ensuring your delivery arrives with you dry.  We recommend you keep a tarpaulin handy to cover the load to keep it dry once delivered, prior to you storing it.

To increase the efficiency of our delivery process we pair loads together geographically, allowing for more effective route planning and to reduce our carbon emissions. Due to this we have a 24-hour cancellation policy to allow us time to reschedule and fill the space with another delivery.  Any cancellations or reschedule requests made within 24-hours of your allotted delivery date will incur a £25.00 rescheduling fee.

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