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Premium Softwood Kindling Jumbo Bag (40L)

Premium Softwood Kindling Jumbo Bag (40L)

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One of the most important components of any good fire is having high quality dry kindling.  Our bags of 'Premium Softwood Kindling' do just the job and are a great base for lighting your fire.  All you need is 6-8 pieces of kindling, a Flamer Firelighter and a couple pieces of firewood.  Each stick of kindling is 15cm (6") in length to allow for universal use in any fire.

- Easy to light

- Hand-packed Bags

- Only 6-8 pieces needed per fire

PLEASE NOTE: Our bags of Premium Softwood Kindling are only available for delivery when purchased with a firewood order.


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Firewood Price Increase

As a company we have always aspired to produce and supply the best quality products at affordable prices. The past couple of years have been extremely tough for everyone and whilst times remain difficult we maintain a positive outlook for the longer-term future. Despite this we must band together to deal with short-term issues and challenges.

2022/23 have seen radical changes to the UK Forestry Industry, with overall costs increasing more than 30% on average (Timber supply shortages and the introduction of new environmental laws, combined with rising fuel, labour and haulage costs). Understandably this has put tremendous strain on us as a business, as a result forcing us to increase our prices, to continue operating.

We greatly thank you for your patience and understanding.

Premium Softwood Kindling

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need kindling for my fire?

Using kindling is highly recommended and essential for building an efficient fire in an open fireplace or log burner. It helps to transfer the flames from the firelighter, to the logs more effectively.

What is the difference between Hardwood and Softwood?

Hardwoods have tight growth rings and are generally more dense, resulting in longer and more efficient burning. All of our firewood is hardwood, predominantly a mixture of Beech, Ash and Birch.

Softwoods is generally less dense as a result of faster growth. It is very easy to split and ignite, therefore making it ideal for kindling.

Can I come in and purchase individual bags of kindling?

Yes you can come in to purchase and collect smaller products from us all year round. These include:

- Kiln Dried Firewood Bags

- Premium Softwood Kindling

- Flamer Firelighters

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