A selection of Frequently Asked Questions, to help clear up any questions you may have about our products or firewood in general.  If you have any further questions please contact us via our Contact Page.

Our Products & Services

Why do the prices for firewood vary depending on length?

We offer firewood in three different lengths: 20cm, 25cm, and 33cm. The pricing for these lengths is based on the cost of production and the value provided to our customers. Here is a breakdown of our pricing structure and the reasons behind it:

25cm Length: This is our most popular size and serves as our base price.

20cm Length: Priced at 5% more than the 25cm length. The reasons for the higher cost are:

  • Increased Cutting and Wear: More cuts are needed to produce smaller pieces of wood, which results in more wear and tear on our machinery.
  • More Wood per Load: Due to the smaller size, gaps in the load are filled more efficiently, meaning customers receive more wood in a load compared to larger lengths.

33cm Length: Priced at 5% less than the 25cm length. The reasons for the lower cost are:

  • Fewer Cuts and Less Wear: Fewer cuts are needed to produce larger pieces of wood, resulting in less wear and tear on our machinery.
  • Less Wood per Load: Larger pieces mean there are more gaps in the load, resulting in slightly less wood per load compared to smaller lengths.

We aim to provide transparency in our pricing and ensure our customers understand the value and costs associated with each firewood length option.

What size are your logs?

With our Bulk Orders and Loose Loads we offer 3 standard sizes.

- 20cm (8")

- 25cm (10") (Most Popular)

- 33cm (13")

The logs in our carry home bags of kiln-dried wood are 23cm (9") in length. An in-between size which will fit in almost any fireplace or log burner.  We found this to be great choice if you want to try out our firewood and work out the best size logs for your fire before ordering a larger bulk delivery.

No matter the size of your log burner or open fire, we have a size to suit you.

Can I burn your logs straight away?

Yes, all of the wood we sell is ready to burn. We only sell dry wood, which is ready to use from the day you receive your delivery.

Can I collect my firewood from you?

Yes, we do offer a collection service, which can be very popular especially during busy periods.

If you would like to arrange collection for a bulk order please call us in advance on 01903 241122.

Alternatively if you would like to collect our smaller products, these are available all year round from our shop. These include:

- Kiln Dried Firewood Bags

- Premium Softwood Kindling

- Flamer Firelighters

Can I reschedule my delivery if it is raining?

We deliver in all weathers, providing conditions are safe for our drivers to do so.  During wet conditions we have covers to protect the loads from the elements during transport, ensuring your delivery arrives with you dry.  We recommend you keep a tarpaulin handy to cover the load to keep it dry once delivered, prior to you storing it.

To increase the efficiency of our delivery process we pair loads together geographically, allowing for more effective route planning and to reduce our carbon emissions. Due to this we have a 24-hour cancellation policy to allow us time to reschedule and fill the space with another delivery.  Any cancellations or reschedule requests made within 24-hours of your allotted delivery date will incur a £25.00 rescheduling fee.

What size load should I order?

As a rule of thumb we always recommend you order the largest loose load you can comfortably store, the larger load you order the better value for money you will receive and the less likely you are to run out. 

When you compare a Jumbo Load to our Kiln Dried Firewood Bags understandably you will pay more per cubic metre for the bags, but you have the added convenience of the individual bags. Each size load has its own benefits, it is just down to what suits your conditions best.

What should I do with my empty Bulk Bag and pallet?

When you have finished with your bulk bag and pallet you have two choices:

- If you can get them in your car, you can return them to us and receive back your £5.00 refundable deposit.

- Alternatively, if you have the storage space, keep your bag and pallet until your next delivery. When you order again, let us know you have a bag and pallet to return and we will discount your next order by £5.00. Leave this out when we come to deliver your next load and we will take it away.

What time will my delivery arrive?

Due to the nature of our product and delivery we cannot give specific time slots. However, we can have our delivery drivers contact you when they are en route, so when ordering please provide a number so we can easily contact you.

How do I place an order?

To place an order you have three options:

- Firstly and arguably the simplest way to place an order right here on our website. Click the 'Order Local Delivery' button in the top bar, select your products and place your order.

- Alternatively, you can call us on 01903 241122 to place your order and pay over the phone.

- If you would like a little more advice, head down to visit us and place your order in person.

Ferring Nurseries, A259 Littlehampton Rd, Ferring, Worthing, BN12 6PN

How are your Bulk Bags delivered?

We transport our bulk bags on the back of a flatbed transit van, with a tail-lift. We then use a pallet truck to unload your delivery from the vehicle and push it onto your driveway or path, into the desired position for you to unload or use.

IMPORTANT: Please note that pallet trucks can only roll on hard surfaces. If you have a gravel driveway, we can still deliver you a bulk bag however where it lands of the back off the tail-lift is as far as it can go.

General Firewood Questions

What is the difference between Hardwood and Softwood?

Hardwoods have tight growth rings and are generally more dense, resulting in longer and more efficient burning. All of our firewood is hardwood, predominantly a mixture of Beech, Ash and Birch.

Softwoods is generally less dense as a result of faster growth. It is very easy to split and ignite, therefore making it ideal for kindling.

Why is low moisture content so important?

Moisture content in firewood is one of the key aspects to consider when purchasing.

High moisture content can cause your fires to smoke, line your chimney with excess soot and burn inefficiently along with a host of other disadvantages.

On the other hand, firewood of a low moisture content is:

- Easy to light

- Efficient burning, providing more heat

- Produces less smoke & gas

- Good for your chimney, resulting in less maintenance

- Clean

- Always ready to burn

As you can see, firewood of low moisture content counters all of the disadvantages of high moisture listed above and much more.

What does 'Seasoned Firewood' mean?

Seasoned firewood typically refers to the time in which the wood is stored before being sold or burnt. The term 'seasoned' is broadly used across the firewood industry, however storage time differs between suppliers.

All of our firewood is cut and stored for 8-12 months before selling. Throughout the seasoning process we regularly monitor the moisture content, only once it is below 20% will we offer our firewood for sale.

How should I store my firewood?

When storing your firewood we recommend sheltering the wood and raising it off the ground, to avoid wet conditions. Preferably storing it in an open-sided log store to allow air movement.

Why should you never buy firewood by the weight?

If you buy a tonne of firewood, the size of the bag can drastically vary based on the moisture content of the wood.


For Example: Say you buy 2 x tonne bags of firewood

1 at 50% moisture content

1 at 20% moisture content.

You will get a lot less wood in the bag at 50% moisture content as a large percentage of the weight is made up of the water in the wood.


Whereas when you buy wood by the cubic metre, as we sell it, you will always get the same amount of wood in each bag as the weight variable is removed and the size does not change.

Do I need kindling for my fire?

Using kindling is highly recommended and essential for building an efficient fire in an open fireplace or log burner. It helps to transfer the flames from the firelighter, to the logs more effectively.

Have a question we have not answered?

If you have a question that we have not answered above, feel free to drop us a message via the contact form right here on our website.

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