About Us

Ferring Firewood started out life as a subsidiary of Ferring Nurseries, a family-run nursery on the south-coast of England with over 40 years of experience in the horticulture industry.  During winter time the horticulture industry goes into hibernation, this led us to exploring ways to not only diversify our operations but also keep us busy throughout the colder months.  

Initially producing for our own consumption, we stumbled on firewood production.  After receiving numerous requests and the rising demand for dry firewood in the area we started producing for customers; initially on a very small scale.  To say we did not expect the growth would be an understatement, for us it was solely a passion and a way to pass through the winter.  

Fast-forward to this point, we have since had the privilege of increasing both our production and capacity, whilst growing a skilled and experienced team along the way.  Year on year we strive to improve our product, constantly testing the efficiency of different splitting, cutting and drying methods.  The use of cutting edge machinery has greatly aided this, allowing us to produce all year round alongside the nursery business, to satisfy the winter demand.  

Attention to detail, customer service and maintaining the highest quality throughout have always been front and centre for us.  We take the upmost pride in our business and products, as shown throughout the lifetime of our nursery and our firewood is no exception. We will only ever sell dry firewood, and if we are not happy with the product we will not sell it!  Rest assured our high quality standards, which you have come to expect, will be maintained above all else.  

We hope you enjoy your firewood and if you have any questions, as always feel free to head over to our Contact Page and send us a message.

The journey of our logs from timber in the forest to firewood at your house.  Image made up of icons of a forest with arrows pointing to a delivery van

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Find out how we turn lengths of timber into the firewood you burn at home, all in a sustainable way!

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