Our Process

Whether you are intrigued by the different stages of firewood production or just interested to know how we turn a length of timber into dry logs ready for you to burn, take a look at the stages below.  (If you are on mobile swipe right-to-left)

  • icon of hardwood trees in a forest

    1) Local Sourcing

    Our timber is sourced exclusively in a sustainable way from local managed woodlands. This way ensuring we keep responsiblity and sustainability at the forefront throughout our entire process.

  • Icon of chainsaw used to cut timber during sustainable foresting

    2) Timber Felling

    The process of thinning supplies us with a large majority of timber. Thinning is important for our parks, allowing diversification of the habitat for wildlife, removal of unsafe trees and improves the long-term development of woodlands, along with a list of other benefits.

  • Hardwood timber haulage from forest

    3) Haulier Transport

    The timber is then transported to our site. Being sourced locally, it does not have to travel far, keeping road miles to a minimum. This subsequently reduces our carbon emissions and adds to the sustainability of the production process.

  • icon of split log, split up to speed up drying

    4) Splitting

    This next stage is key, splitting the wood. This allows the drying process to be sped up, exposing the inner surface area of the wood to the elements. The outer bark is like a skin, which holds the water in, the key is to open up the wood to extract this moisture.

  • A clock with sun and moon to depict the seasoning and drying process

    5) Drying

    The most important part of the production process is drying the wood. Whether seasoning it for a prolonged period of time or kiln drying it, this is of paramount importance to ensure a high quality finished product.

  • icon of a circular blade used to cut the logs into the desired size

    6) Cutting into firewood

    Following on from the drying stage comes the cutting, this is where the wood is cut to size awaiting final preparation. So whether you order a 20cm, 25cm or 33cm load this is where the size is specified.

  • stack of firewood ready for bagging and loading for delivery

    7) Bagging & Loading

    The final stage of preparation, whether you have a Bulk Bag or one of our Loose Loads, this is when any bagging takes place and the vehicles are loaded with your order, ready for delivery.

  • delivery van loaded with logs

    8) Delivery

    The time has arrived and your firewood is on its way. On the day of your delivery look out for a phone call, our drivers will often call you when en-route.

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